Ear Mite Treatment for Cats

Otic Suspension


Otic Suspension and Its Benefits

  • Proven effective in one application
  • FDA-approved*
  • Precleaning of ears not required
  • Revolutionary nongreasy, water-based formula
  • Safe mite treatment approved for kittens as young as four-weeks-old
  • Available only from veterinarians

*NADA 141-174, Approved by FDA


"Acarexx gives me the ideal combination of efficacy and ease of use. For these reasons, Acarexx will be my first choice for ear mite treatment."

Dr. Lynn Roberts

Rural Hall Animal Hospital

Rural Hall, North Carolina

"Being able to treat kittens at four-weeks-old with Acarexx is a real advantage. I would definitely recommend Acarexx to other veterinarians. It's safe, effective and simple to use, period."

Dr. Edward Jezbera

Riverside Animal Hospital

Riverside, California

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